Diamond Turning and Precision Machining

Built on a foundation of mechanical engineering and machine design experience, Colorado Precision offers single-point diamond turning and precision machining services which are unsurpassed.

A long and continuing relationship with the National Laboratory system as well as active membership in the American Society of Precision Engineering assures that CPPI is always at the forefront of precision engineering and design technology

Using a modular machine tool concept, we assemble diamond turning systems out of our inventory of high-precision components, maximizing both flexibility and precision.


When matching precision machining components (fixtures, drive systems, feedback, metrology, tables/slides, tooling, etc.) to each specific project's needs, well-defined limits do not really exist, however, here are some estimates and historical experiences:
 Size Currently, we have the ability to diamond turn a part up to 42" in diameter. A recently turned part was 36" diameter. Larger parts would be considered based on the individual project
 Surface Heavily dependent upon part geometry, our diamond turned surface finishes can be as low as 20Å RMS, as low as 5Å RMS with post-polishing
 Flatness As a general rule of thumb, our slides are good to 1 microinch per inch of travel. On a recent 17" square part, the flatness was 1/10 wave at 633nm over a 4" segment.
 Geometry Our work is generally in flat and spherical parts. We also have experience building hyperbolics, parabolics and off-axis ellipses and would like to discuss parts of any geometry
  Material Though the majority of our single-point diamond machining work is in aluminum, copper, nickel and gold we welcome inquiries involving all materials.