Colorado Precision Air Bearing LVDT Measurement Probe

Developed within the National Laboratory System, the Ultrahigh-precision Air Bearing LVDT is now available from Colorado Precision.

Designed for applications where sub-microinch resolution is required, this probe can be used in demanding applications where other technologies may not be suitable.

 CPPI Air Bearing LVDT and Lion Precision Amplifier,
R&D 100 Award Winner

Contact Adaptor Probes

Utilizing the same design as our LVDT gage head, Colorado Precision's Air Bearing Adapter Probes provide the option of transforming new or existing capacitance gages into contact gaging systems. Ultra-precise and cost effective.

Please follow these links for more information:

 Mechanical Specs/Print  Spindle Alignment Example
 When is an AB LVDT Necessary?  How an LVDT works
 Air Bearing vs Spring-based  Computer Interfacing
   Lion Precision Amplifier  Measurement at Å/nm level

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 High Resolution Displacement Measurement

Above: measuring the Keck II mirror on LODTM at Lawrence Livermore Nat. Lab

Right: measuring one microinch steps on PERL at LLNL