Company Information and Examples of Our Work

Colorado Precision Products, incorporated in 1983, provides ultra-precision products and machining services, specializing in single-point diamond turning and flycutting.

The company was founded by and continues to be operated by mechanical engineers with extensive machine design and precision machining experience in both the National Laboratory system as well as the private sector.

Utilizing a deterministic approach to machining, as well as a modular machine tool concept, we create and dedicate facilities to meet the requirements of each project.

This method, in combination with our extensive inventory of precision fabrication equipment and expertise, allows us the flexibility to produce parts of widely varying sizes, quantities, and specifications

Our customers include universities, National Laboratories, U.S. and foreign government agencies as well as private industry.

Below are some examples of work done by Colorado Precision Products and related informational links.

Silicon carbide substrates for the XMM/Newton X-ray Telescope (LLNL, NASA, ESA)
 XMM/Newton X-ray Telescope page
Diamond Turned/Flycut surfaces on a variety of Star Trackers systems (Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp.)
 BATC Star Trackers
National Ignition Facility - Final Optics Cell and Deformable Mirror prototype development (LLNL)
 National Ignition Facility/LLNL
Surface roughness and wave guide standards used by England, Germany, and The United States (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
NIST Surface Metrology
Laser fusion targets, AWE (England)
Inertial Confinement Fusion
Mirrors for the NIST-7, the world's most accurate atomic clock (NIST)
Set your watch or computer clock
Precision machining consulting services, space-based laser missile defense (TRW)