Facility Description & Equipment List



8,500 sq. ft. facility in Boulder, Colorado


Separated environments for diamond turning, machining, lapping, polishing, grinding, and metrology


Temperature-controlled and clean rooms

Diamond Turning (click here to see our Diamond Turning Page)
Using a modular machine tool concept, Colorado Precision assembles diamond turning machines out of our inventory of components, maximizing both flexibility and precision. We have the precision components available to run up to 20 diamond turning machines at any given time:


Professional Instruments Air Bearing Spindles (4", 10", dual column slides)


Moore #3, #4 Bases, roller way and friction slides


Ex-cell-o 16" Air Bearing Spindles


CPPI Air Bearing LVDT and Lion Precision Amplifier

On Premise 


Zygo Axiom 220 Laser Measurement System


Zygo 4" ZAPP Interferometer


Moore #3 & #4 Measuring Machines


CPPI Air Bearing LVDT and Lion Precision Amplifier
 Off Premise


Zygo 12" and 30" Interferometer


Coordinate Measuring Machines, theodolytes 

Conventional Machining Support


Assorted mills, lathes and surface grinders


We have successful working relationships with quality vendors to provide most of the needs that our customers require, e.g. CNC machining, thin film coating and certification.

 Equipment available for Purchase